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Advanced Technologies Systems, Inc. re-sells Dimension 3D printers in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Agile Manufacturing, Inc. is a 3D Systems reseller in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.
Boxford Limited of Wheatley, United Kingdom re-sells Z-Corp's Z-Printer 310 Plus in the UK educational market.
CAD/CAM Systems LLC of Frederick, Colorado re-sells Dimension 3D printers.
Cimquest Inc. of Bedminster, New Jersey resells Stratasys' Fortus 3D Production Systems, Dimension 3D Printers and uPrint product lines.
Computer-Aided Products, Inc. of Peabody, Massachusetts re-sells Dimension 3D printers.
Commonwealth Trading Company of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina buys, sells and trades pre-owned RP equipment and consumables.
Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Inc. resells Z Corp.'s printers in Tampa, Florida.
ESG Engineering resells ZCorp's printers in Tempe, Arizona.
Fabtory of Erkrath, Germany resells ZCorp printers. This site is in German.
Facet Manufacturing resells Solidscape T66 and T612 in Australia and New Zeeland.
Fisher/Unitech headquartered in Troy, Michigan re-sells Dimension 3D printers through its 8 branch offices located in the Midwest.
GoEngineer with offices in Utah, California, and Idaho resells ZCorp's line of 3D printers.
InterPRO Rapid Technologies of Deep River, Connecticut sells the ThermoJet-solid object printer.
Laser Lines Ltd of Banbury, England resells Stratasys' FDM product line including Dimension 3D printers.
Learning Labs, Inc. of Calhoun, Georgia resells ZCorp 3D printers.
Master Piece Modeling Ltd. of Tel Aviv, Israel resells Solidscape's 3D modeling systems.
MSR Inc. with offices in Mississauga, Markham, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax resells Z Corp's line of 3D printers in Eastern Canada.
Multistation SA sells SLS, FDM, and LOM equipment in France.
Norcam resells Z Corp's 3D printers in Porto, Portugal. This site is in Portuguese.
Paton Group of Eagle Rock, California is the educational reseller of Dimension 3D printers for Nevada, California, and Hawaii.
Peak Solutions LLC resells Z Corp.'s 3D printers in Portland, Oregon.
Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc. resells 3D System's 3D printers in Timonium, Maryland.
ProTECH AB of Sollentuna, Sweden resells Stratasys' FDM product line in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. This site is in Swedish.
ProtoPulsion of Redwood City, California resells Dimension 3D printers.
PTE Distribution resells Z Corp.'s 3D printers in Willowbrook, Illinois.
Rapid Technology LLC resells Z Corp.'s 3D printers in Honolulu, Hawaii.
RPM Products of Chicago, Illinois resells 3D Systems' Invision 3D printer.
Scicon Technologies of Valencia, California resells 3D Systems' Invision 3D printer.
Solid Concepts of Melbourne, Australia resells ZCorp's 3D printers.
Tangible Express of Springville, Utah offers fractional ownership in 3D Systems SLA and SLS machines.
Texas Engineering Systems of Carrollton, Texas resells Stratasys' Dimension 3D printers.
3D Rapid Prototyping resells ZCorp printers in Huntington Beach, California.

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